Empowering Mental Wellness through psychoactive compounds and technology.

Empowering Mental Wellness through psychoactive compounds and technology.

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Its all about healing.

EI.ventures will engage in research and development of psychoactive compounds such as DEA-registered psilocybin, together with AI and blockchain technology, to empower customized compounds and personalized formulas to better mental wellness.

EI.ventures understands, supports, and is involved with developing, refining, and producing effective bio-medicines in the NooTropic Cognitive Enhancement maturing market of supplements.

We are engaged in facets of psilocybin including research, commercial and market potentials, and are actively pursuing permissions and licenses, local & federal, to establish a research lab focused on developing reasonable cost isolates of Psilocybin for the research and treatment.


Key Psilocybin figures and statistics

Across the globe, an estimated 300 million people have depression and around 60 million people suffer from bipolar disorder.

  • In 2018, researchers from Johns Hopkins University recommended that psilocybin be legalized for medical use.

  • Oregon and California all have potential ballot initiatives in process to legalize psilocybin for medical use. Denver and Oakland recently passed decriminalization of psilocybin in May and June of 2019 while Oregon looks to have its vote in 2020.

  • In late 2018, the FDA upgraded psilocybin to "breakthrough therapy" status, meaning the FDA acknowledged its potential and vowed to expedite its review process.


Our Goals

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Formulate and synthesize a product of Psilocybin for higher efficacy and less side effects for the treatments of depression mild to drug resistances.

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Use evidence based medicine approaches within IRB (institutional review boards) for studying and refining therapies.

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Formulate and synthesize a Psilocybin based compound to aid in mental thought and intellectual expansions for individuals. 

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Aquire and maintain DEA-licensed partnership for manufacturing and study applications while streamlining efficient and timely end user use through none FDA drug licensing development of State Legal avenues. i.e. legal state cannabis. 


A report issued in 2018 by The Lancet Commission states that mental health disorders could cost the global economy up to $16 trillion by the year 2030 if the problems are not addressed.


Our Solution

  • Form a team of leading medical and business oriented researchers for process implementation of evidence based medical principles.

  • Form, partner or purchase an entity with a lab offering schedule 1 DEA  access to psilocybin and its chemical derivatives.

  • This business arrangement should be in a states poised for legal state legislation pending in Colorado and California.

  • Form or employ a lobbyist network for facilitation of legality and work ability of business model.

  • Work with IRB’s(Institutional Review Boards) for validation of study protocols for legitimate medical use and well and safety and efficacy.

  • Supply end users first through a dispensary model and grow partnerships with medical community for use of products with acute emotional issue in an out-patient and inpatient setting.


Our Team


David Nikzad /Co-Founder


Jason Hobson /Co-Founder

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Travis Wilson /Head of Legal

Jeff Pasquerella - Director and Chief Compliance Officer

Jack Rentz, MD - Director and Chief Medical Officer